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Classic Bamboo Flute Dizi Kit Good Timbre

Classic Bamboo Flute Dizi Kit Good Timbre


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    <Traditional Chinese Musical Instrument>


    Professional Foldable Bamboo Flute - Dizi + 4 Gifts


    Five Keys for Your Selection


    C D E F G



    C Key: 65cm/ D Key: 60cm
    E Key: 55cm/ F Key: 50cm
    G Key: 45cm


    Good workmanship

    ♦ Made by professional instrument manufacturer, it is of good timbre

    ♦ With delicate Chinese characters on it, looks nice and classical

    Can be divided into two parts, easy to be carried around 



    The four gifts are:

    Chinese Knot + Bag + Dimo (Bamboo Membrane) + Dimo Glue

    The Dimo (Bamboo Membrane) can be used for about half of a year.


    Please note:
    The flutes are made of natural bamboo, and thus are not perfect.
    But we'll choose nice ones for you.








    About Chinese Flute


    Chinese flute are called [dizi] (笛子). There are many varieties of dizi with different sizes, structures (with or without resonance membrane) and number of holes (from 6 to 11) and intonations (playing in different keys) in China. Most are made of bamboo, but can come in wood, jade, bone, and iron. One peculiar feature about Chinese flute is the use of a resonance membrane mounting on one of the holes which vibrates with the air column inside the tube. It gives the flute a bright sound. Commonly seen flutes in modern Chinese orchestra are bangdi (梆笛), qudi (曲笛) , xindi (新笛) , dadi (大笛). The bamboo flute playing vertically is called xiao() which is a different category of wind instrument in China.





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    Customer Reviews:

    by Alidia Lee
    Date Added: 07/22/2012
    Absolutely Beautiful DiZi! Fast Shipping! Great Shop!

    Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]


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